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10 Best Attorneys and Firms For Client Satisfaction

Tarlika Navarro

Criminal Law 10 Best

Ms. Navarro is an attorney and partner at Haddad & Navarro, one of the nation’s premier criminal defense law firms, which has successfully defended clients in state and federal white collar and non-white collar criminal cases throughout the United States.

Lourdes Casanova

Criminal Law 10 Best

Lourdes Maria Casanova is an attorney in Palm Beach County, Florida. She is practicing in the areas of Criminal Defense, Immigration and Traffic Tickets. She is passionate about protecting the rights and freedoms of her community, guiding her clients through difficult times, and seeking justice in every case.


NiaLena Caravasos

Criminal Law 10 Best

NiaLena Caravasos focuses her practice in federal criminal defense as well as serious state criminal cases. She also handles high-profile federal cases and complicated federal criminal cases involving extensive electronic surveillance and wiretaps.

Carl Ceder

Criminal Law 10 Best

Carl D. Ceder practices criminal defense and DWI law in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (and all surrounding counties), with a particular focus on Dallas and Collin Country. He has excelled and focused on advocacy-related activities since law school, and is proud of the success he has achieved over the years in the courtroom. Carl conducted his first jury trial within weeks of first obtaining his license to practice law. He devotes almost exclusively 100% of legal practices to the citizen-accused, and is passionate about the field of criminal defense.

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